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Thomas Vecchione, MD -  - Plastic Surgeon

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Thomas Vecchione, MD

Plastic Surgeon located in Banker's Hill, San Diego, CA

At his centrally-located practice in San Diego, CA, Dr. Vecchione performs advanced approaches for facelift and neck procedures aimed at helping both women and men look and feel younger and more confident.

Facelift and Neck Q & A

What kinds of facelift and neck procedures are available?

We offer an array of cutting-edge techniques to address every area of the face, including procedures to:

  • recontour the neck

  • sculpt the jowl and neck

  • tighten and tone the cheeks

  • lift the brow and forehead

  • remove or reduce deep wrinkles

  • smooth the lip and mouth area

  • correct the appearance of ears that “stick out”

  • build up areas in the cheek, chin and nasal area with implants

How can I tell which procedures are best for the look I want to achieve?

Your doctor is a great resource for suggesting procedures that can help you achieve the results you're looking for, but it's important to have realistic expectations of what cosmetic surgery can achieve. Most of us have ideas of what we'd like to correct and how we'd like to look once surgery is complete. Sometimes, those expectations are realistic and achievable; but sometimes, they're not completely in line with what cosmetic surgery can achieve. Talking with the doctor about your objectives and sharing your concerns as well as your ideas is vital to ensuring you have the best result possible. During your consultation, be open with your doctor about your expectations as well as the goals you have in mind so the best plan of care can be developed based on your needs and desires.

Can I go home after my procedure?

Yes, you'll be able to go home shortly after your procedure. Your activities will be curtailed during the initial period of healing, and you'll be given a comprehensive list of what you may and may not do while in recovery. You'll probably have some discomfort and swelling which may be managed with medication and carefully applied ice packs. Be prepared to sleep with your head elevated for several nights.