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Dr. Vecchione employs state-of-the-art scar revisions techniques to help men and women throughout the San Diego, CA, area reduce the appearance of embarrassing scars so they can feel more confident about the way they look.

Scar Revision Q & A

What causes scars?

Scars develop as part of the natural healing process when the body lays down new tissue in an area of injury. Often, this tissue is more fibrous than the surrounding tissue, and it may be a different texture or color. Scars form following internal and external injuries and are a common occurrence in people who suffer from acne. Scar formation is largely unpredictable, and poor or uneven healing can result in wide scars that are very noticeable. Scars may be raised or depressed, smooth or ridged.

What does scar revision do?

Scar revision aims to minimize the appearance of the scar by enabling it to blend in better with the surrounding tissue. Scar revision is carefully planned to ensure the most ideal results. Nevertheless, it's important to have realistic expectations; while scar revision may help reduce the appearance of scars, in most cases, they won't disappear entirely.

What kinds of scar revisions are available?

There are several approaches, and the technique that's best for you will depend in part on the type and extent of your scarring. Approaches include:

  • topical medications

  • chemical peels

  • laser treatments

  • microdermabrasion

  • minimally-invasive surgery

  • complex scar revision surgery with advanced wound closure techniques

Fillers can also help decrease the appearance of depressed scars, but regular touch-ups will be needed to maintain the effects.

Who is an ideal candidate for scar revision?

Scar revision can be a good choice for many people, but it can be most effective in people who:

  • don't smoke

  • have realistic expectations about the results

  • do not have active acne or other skin conditions in the treatment area

  • are in good general health

  • have a good healing response

Before any type of revision procedure or treatment is performed, you'll have a comprehensive review of your health, your scar and your skin to determine the best approach to achieve optimal results.